The Story

Source Industries… the Beginning

A story of one woman’s dedication to the environment, her vision and her passion for a better world.

Every Innovation Begins With A Vision

Source Industries began with a vision and a passion. Jody Langston, a successful entrepreneur and business woman, was determined that through hard work and dedication to a healthier environment she could discover a process to dramatically change the unproductive methods currently utilized to recycle waste. Her years of research, passion for a simpler and more effective recycling alternative and her commitment to a cleaner and healthier environment resulted in a ground breaking and innovative discovery. The pioneering concept of The Source Recycler became a reality and her hard work and unfailing commitment to a better world were rewarded.

When The Vision Becomes A Reality …amazing Things Happen

Ms. Langston, sought out the brightest and the best team of engineers and management to make her discovery a reality and the ground breaking Source Recycler became more than just a dream.

It is no exaggeration to state that The Source Recycler will revolutionize recycling as it exists today and streamlines all recycling efforts by reducing waste volume and the cost of storage and transport fees as it generates secondary income for users.

The Source Recycler provides a new and innovative standard for waste management.

Source Industries became the proud creator of an astounding piece of equipment: Named simply, The Source Recycler.

Source Industries designed the multifaceted Source Recycler with the capacity to recycle 4 types of material in a single machine. (cardboard, paper, cellulose and food).

The Source Recycler offers incredible ease and convenience to both consumers dedicated to recycling and municipalities mandated to recycle. Other products currently on the market are aimed at the commercial user and only have a single function (either to compact, shred or crush).

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