The Problems

  • Landfills are being filled at ever increasing rates and disposal sites are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.
  • Environmental concerns related to the disposal of food raise EPA issues relating to hazardous gases.
  • The costs associated with disposal continue to increase.

The Solution

  • The Source Recycler reduces the rate at which landfills are being filled increasing the life of a landfill.
  • The Source Recycler reduces the cardboard, paper, cellulose and food waste to a useable state, providing alternatives for recycled materials.
  • The Source Recycler decreases the amount of waste going into landfills.
  • The Source Recycler decrease taxpayer/landfill maintenance cost and reduces the cost of disposal.
  • The Source Recycler offers an intelligent alternative to traditional means of disposing of organic consumer waste.

Each of us at Source Industries believes that this unique way of recycling will change the way the consumers look at recycling products.

Source Industries has the energy, experience and drive to position The Source Recycler as the most beneficial recycling product in history.


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