The Source Recycler

Intelligent recycling today to preserve the promise of tomorrow.

The innovation of an entire industry has arrived. The Source Recycler is THE intelligent answer to the disposal of food waste.

The dedicated and tenacious creator of The Source Recycler recognized the compelling need for technology that addresses the critical process of disposing of 32 million tons of food waste per year. With a focus and commitment to intelligent recycling, and intensive scientific research the Source Recycler became a reality. A new and exciting vision was born!

The solution is ground breaking. Imagine a process that converts food waste into burnable cylindrical briquettes. An incredible technological advance now addresses the overwhelming waste and environmentally damaging mishandling of food disposal currently in place. The Source Recycler addresses these critical issues:

  • The 32 million tons of food waste in US per year of which only 3% is recovered.
  • The alarming and increasing amount of waste volume and landfills which continue to increase at a disturbing rate and directly contribute to the severe and negative impact of increased environmental damage
  • The importance of reduction of green house gases in the waste stream
  • The critical need for effective compliance with environmental controls and regulation.

The Source Recycler addresses these issues and provides a truly pioneering alternative. The Source Recycler is a processing system that efficiently converts food waste into burnable cylindrical briquettes. Food is cleaned, drained of water and compressed then wrapped in cellulose for ease of disposal.

The potential is incredible. Government agencies, schools, hospitals cruise lines, recreational facilities, airports, large businesses, the entire food industry will immediately benefit and profit from this extraordinary and ground breaking scientific advance.

Discover why this new technology provides the answers to the problems of food waste and why the Source Recycler is the only intelligent source for food waste disposal.

The technology of today combined with a passion for the environment for years to come, the Food Recycler has arrived!


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