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Source Industries Incorporated

Source Industries Incorporated is a innovative and dynamic company responsible for the development of The Source Recycler, a ground breaking, multi-function, first-of-its-kind recycling machine that granulates, condenses and/or shreds recyclable material, and then cleanses, compacts and bags it for disposal or sale.

The Management Philosophy

The experts of Source Industries management team strongly believe that the production of the innovative recycling alternative, The Source Recycler, will transform the recycling industry.

The possible product applications will provide the opportunity for the creation of recycling efforts that combine ease of use with cost effective processes to change the future of recycling. Additionally, the ease of product use and the potential for reduction of storage and transport costs will help to create an awareness of the environmental advantages of recycling.

Because the potential for initial product demand is extremely high, the Board members of Source Industries strongly believe that it is imperative for the company to drive sustainable growth through careful evaluation of sales elasticity, production and distribution with an emphasis on long term growth potential.

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The Management Team

An impressive group of business professionals with industry knowledge, drive and the creative and professional abilities necessary to establish market share dominance through the introduction of the recycling machine of the future.

Jody Langston


Jody Langston provides the creative leadership, progressive vision, and business acumen that has led to the creation of Source Industries and continues to inspire the impressive team of industry professionals of Source Industries.

  • Jody Langston is responsible for successfully creating and managing Source Industries. Ms. Langston Started researching the recycling industry and its needs in 2001, and determined that a multi-processing recycling machine was needed in the marketplace that could turn recyclables into a commodity to ease the recycling burden to municipalities and consumers. Ms. Langston has a strong business background in both turn-around and start up business applications.
  • When she was 24, this tenacious entrepreneur began a series of business start-ups that would lead her to ultimately creating Source Industries Incorporated, inventing and patenting a single-machine product and concept for recycling waste products generated by business, industry and consumers.
  • Jody Langston sees the big picture in meeting critical needs in the marketplace and has the ability to lead and succeed while helping others to succeed in the process, Jody Langston has the commitment and abilities to ensure results.

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Source Industries’ team┬ácontributes industry knowledge and business experience and they are prepared to bring the concept of intelligent recycling to an unprecedented level of efficiency.

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We are guided by a passionate commitment to protect the environment. This commitment is demonstrated by...

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